Course curriculum

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    • Welcome to the Wellbeing Inspired by Nature Consultant Training

    • Training Overview

    • How to use this course (Thinkific tutorial)

    • Wellbeing Inspired by Nature for Corporate Settings

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    Bulletin Board

    • Live Call Schedule and Recordings 2021

    • Live Call Schedule and Recordings 2022

    • Zoom Link for Live Discussion and Q&A

    • WhatsApp WIN Group Invite

    • Book Recommendation List

  • 3

    Module 1 - Framing Wellbeing through Nature Practices for the Corporate World

    • Content Overview

    • Wellbeing vs Wellness

    • Why Wellbeing is Important in a Corporate Setting

    • Article - Wellbeing, a Strategy and a Responsibility

    • Self-Exploration and Assignment - Exploring your Own Wellbeing

    • What Corporations Look for in their Employees

    • The World Today - Facts and Figure

    • Assignment - What is the Reality in Your Country?

    • Video - Workplace Mental Health - All you Need to Know (for now)

    • Wellbeing in Nature - The Forgotten Link

    • Article - Call of the Wild

    • Article - How the Pandemic has Affected Work Related Stress

    • Assignment - Cultural and Historical Evidences of Nature and Health in Your Country/Region

    • Questionnaire

    • Self-Exploration - Profile Of Mood State Questionnaire

    • Assignment - Consolidating Learning from Module 1

  • 4

    Module 2 - Biophilia and Biophilic Design for Corporate Settings

    • Module Overview

    • The Biophilia Hypothesis

    • Self-Exploration - The Nature Relatedness Scale

    • The Principles of Biophilic Design

    • Self-Exploration & Assignment - Your Own Biophilic Design

    • Video - Biophilic Design - Architecture for Life

    • Article - History and Culture of Biophilic Design

    • The Health Benefits of Biophilic Design

    • Amanda Sturgeon on TedMed about Biophilic Design

    • Assignment - Consolidating Learning from Module 2

  • 5

    Module 3 - Physiology and Psychology of Stress

    • Module Overview

    • The Physiology of Stress

    • Types of Stress

    • Self-Exploration and Assignment - Perceived Stress Questionnaire

    • Video - How Stress Affects Your Body

    • How Stress Affects Your Brain

    • How Stress Affects Your Body

    • History of Stress

    • Stress in Numbers

    • Article - Stress and Productivity

    • Assignment - Consolidating the Learning from Module 3

  • 6

    Module 4 - Benefits of Being in Nature – Scientific Evidence and Research

    • Module Overview

    • The Health Benefits of Being in Nature

    • Article - Why Scientific Evidence is Important

    • Lesson 4 - Different Types of Scientific Studies

    • Video - Forest Bathing - Dr. Kathleen Wolf PhD

    • Article - Human Nature - the Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Nature

    • Video - Nature Contact and Human Health

    • Article - Forest Therapy Awakens Human Nature Connection

    • Self-Exploration - Sit Spot Practice

    • Audio-Essay - The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Invisibility of Nature

    • Nature and Human Health - Scientific Reasearch

    • Assignment - Consolidating the Learning from Module 4

  • 7

    Module 5 - Corporate Culture and Financial Costs of Health Issues

    • Module Overview

    • Financial Costs of Health Issues of Stress

    • Return on Investment (ROI) and Value of Investment (VOI)

    • Employee Net Promoter Score

    • Employee Satisfaction Index Survey

    • Health and Work Performance Questionnaire

    • Overall Questionnaire

    • Return on Investment Spreadsheet

    • Stanford Presenteeism Scale

    • Total Job Stress Score

    • Articles - Employee Engagement and Wellbeing & Contradictions of Transitioning to Remote Work

    • Article - The High Price of Workplace Stress

    • Video - The Cost of Workplace Stress

    • Consolidating Learning from Module 5

  • 8

    Module 6 - Wellbeing Inspired by Nature – Nature Based Services

    • Module Overview

    • Video - Embodiment Tips for Holding Space

    • Forest Bathing

    • Assignment - Where to find a Forest Therapy Guide

    • Self-Exploration and Assignment

    • Circle

    • Assignment - Creating Circle Prompts

    • Self-Exploration & Assignment - Practicing Circle

    • Outdoor Meetings

    • Assignment - Preparing for Outdoor Meetings

    • Nature Mirrors

    • Self-Exploration & Assignment - Exploring Nature Mirrors

    • Consolidating the Learning from Module 7

  • 9

    Module 7 - Wellbeing Inspired by Nature – Office Based Services

    • Module Overview

    • Reset Nature Boost

    • Sense of Sight I - Indoor Plants

    • Self Exploration & Assignment - Indoor Plants

    • Sense of Sight - Part II - Nature Images and Fractals

    • Self-Exploration and Assignment - Sourcing Nature Images

    • Sense of Sight - Part III - Chromotherapy

    • Self-Exploration & Assignment - Colours

    • Sense of Smell - Aromatherapy

    • Self-Exploration and Assignment - Essential Oils

    • Assignment - Sourcing Essential Oils

    • Sense of Smell - Part II & Sense of Taste - Aromatic Plants

    • Self-Exploration & Assignment - Aromatic Plants

    • Sense of Sound - Nature Sounds

    • Self-Exploration & Assignment - Nature Sounds

    • Sense of Touch

    • Assignment - Sense of Touch Offerings

    • Wellbeing Breakout Pod

    • Assignment - Sourcing a Wellbeing Breakout Pod

    • Consolidating the Learning from Module 8

  • 10

    Module 8 - Wellbeing Inspired by Nature – Self Directed Based Services

    • Module Overview

    • Rationale for Self-Directed Services

    • Click into the Forest

    • Press, Play & Pause

    • Self Exploration and Assignment

    • Consolidating the Learnings from Module 9

  • 11

    Module 9 - Marketing and Selling Strategies for Wellbeing in Corporate Setting

    • Module Overview

    • Marketing Strategies

    • Selling Strategies

    • Marketing Expert Holly Barber shares her experience with us

    • Assignment - Hands On - How to zone in on the right contact

    • Representational Modalities

    • Assignment - Listening to Yourself

    • Video - Your Body Language Shapes Who You are

    • Video - Embodied Communication

    • Articles - Assertive Communication

    • Consolidating the Learning from Module 6

  • 12

    Module 10 - Creating your first case study, final exam and certification

    • Create your first case study

    • Reflections on the Journey: Course Evaluation


Senior Instructor

Geeta Stilwell

Geeta Stilwell is an ANFT Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Mentor and Trainer based in Portugal. Her passion is to bring human beings back to nature and support the reconnection to the restorative potency of the natural world. Based on her own recovery journey, she creates a safe space for the nature connection and self-care journey to unfold. Over the past 20 years she has dedicated a great part of her time and resources to her own development and self-care journey and this life experience is the foundation for her work. Founder of the company Renature where she creates and facilitates restorative programs that promote wellbeing and health through nature connection practices, clean eating and self-care for any individual that needs to reset and especially with individuals experiencing burn-out. Co-founder of Wellbeing Inspired by Nature that creates wellbeing programs for corporate settings and certifies Forest Therapy and Forest Bathing guides to be consultants in this innovative approach to corporate wellbeing. Part of the team of The Nature Talks online summit where the mission is to bring to the forefront of global conversation the importance of reconnecting humans and planet. She is trained in Forest Therapy, Embodied Mindfulness and Conscious Resting and in the field of Healthcare as a Pharmacist. She is trained in Council and Active Meditation Techniques and is currently training to be a Life Coach. She holds a Masters in Business Management and is fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

Senior Instructor

Manuela Siegfried

Manuela Siegfried was born and raised in Costa Rica. Her parents emigrated from Switzerland in the early 70´s looking for a different lifestyle. Having a biologist as a father, made contact with nature an intrinsic part of her life. This passion led her to work as a naturalist tourism guide for 3 years. After that she worked in the hotel management and tourism industry for over 15 years. She came across the concept of Shinrin-Yoku and the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy and immediately felt inspired and related to it. Manuela was trained and certified in 2018 and has been facilitating experiences very actively since then. She is passionate about helping people awaken their senses and slowing down in a natural setting so they can reconnect with themselves and nature and experience the benefits in terms of stress management and better overall physical and emotional health. Manuela is convinced that Wellbeing should go hand in hand with Nature and is especially passionate to bring this combination into the Corporate World and believes that this would not only benefit the persons, but also the companies and nature itself. She is the Co-Founder of The Nature Talks, a 5 day online experiential gathering, that brings people from all over the world together to talk about nature in all its aspects and from different perspectives. Manuela also Co-founded Wellbeing Inspired by Nature, whose mission is to create and offer nature inspired wellbeing services and products through a global network of top consultants that address and suit the specific needs of all our corporate clients, resulting in healthier and more balanced workplace environments.